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Protecti guides and tracks a patient through an array of health services that span all levels of care & intensity.

At Protecti we are passionate about improving patient health and providing high quality medical communication services regardless of nationality and language.

The right treatment is based on accurate diagnosis of your current medical condition. With a dedicated team of medical practitioners Team Protecti is qualified to communicate your clinical history / medical information, with great accuracy to healthcare professionals for a current assessment of treatment and communicate it back to you. The team is capable of communication in all major global languages.

Protecti guides and tracks a patient through an array of health services that span all levels of care and intensity to allow for a seamless transition from home to destination of your choice and back.

The Protecti team manages services from the time you decide initiate first contact till the time you have fully recovered. This extended care includes deciding the right procedure, identifying the right hospital and physician, enabling communication between overseas and local physicians, ambulatory care, the transferring of medical records, wellness, local stay, rehabilitation post treatment and also facilitating nurses for periodic visits.

Protecti enables you to find a treatment based on any one of the following parameters:


Connect to our vast network of distinguished surgeons and consultants, across the world, specialists in their respective fields of medicine. All the doctors and consultants specialize in minimally invasive surgery and treatment techniques to reduce post-operative recovery times to a minimum.


Choose the region or country of the world where you are comfortable to go and get treated. Whether you choose the Americas, Europe, Indian Subcontinent, Middle-east or the Far east we have a network of doctors and hospitals that will cater to your treatment needs.

Hospital / Clinics

Protecti associates with the medical institutions (hospitals or diagnostic clinics) that offer state of art technology for their operating theatres and treatment procedures. We also help choose the best facility across the globe for the treatment, procedure and cost you are most comfortable with.


Choose from a vast range of procedures that we help get treatment. Whether minor, major, cosmetic or just wellness – team Protecti efficiently assesses your clinical history or requirements, communicates with the right medical professional and helps you get the best possible treatment.

Alternate Medicine Treatment

Alternative medicine has grown in popularity and is used by a significant percentage of the population in many countries. Newer proponents often suggest alternative medicine be used together with functional medical treatment, in a belief that it improves the effect of, or mitigates the side effects of the treatment.

If you so desire the Protecti team is able to direct you to specialists in the field of Homeopathy (allopathy), Chinese medicine or Stem cell treatments.

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