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Technology precision and human care ensure that you get the utmost care.

The Continuum of Care philosophy at Protecti means that from the moment you engage with us we help you identify the right treatment at a destination of choice and the cost comfortable to you.

When you contact us a dedicated manager is assigned who will help you with all aspects of your treatment journey. All aspects are managed through our state of art patient management system such that technology precision and human care ensure that you (and your family) get the utmost care they require.

Your dedicated manager helps and guides you through the journey below:

Step 1.


Assisting with the diagnosis and medical treatment plan needed.

Step 2.


Identifying the right doctor and hospital for the treatment.

Step 3.

Treatment Planning

Once the treatment has been identified, create a treatment plan for the desired care and timeframes required for the care.

Step 4.

Scheduling Appointments

Scheduling all medical appointments

Step 5.

Transfer of Medical Records

Digitizing and transfer of Medical Records to the concerned physician.

Step 6.


Educating patient and family on physician instructions on pre, during treatment and post treatment care.

Step 7.

Concierge Services

  • Visa, Airline and all Travel Services
  • Hotel bookings
  • Any other service required during your stay
  • Providing family members with information on local activities and tourism options

Step 8.


Admissions at treatment facility for patients and family members.

Step 9.


Assistance with medication plan and medicines if required.

Step 10.

Return and After Care

Planning the safe return home.

Step 11.

Post Treatment

Post treatment care plan depending on needs.

Step 12.

After Care Follow Up

Regular follow up with your physician (video conferencing) on progress till it is no longer required.

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