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Personalized Concierge Services helps our customers to focus on the key aspects of their treatment.

Providing a personalized concierge services helps our customers to focus on the key aspects of their treatment. From flight bookings, hotel reservations (close to the hospital), getting the right insurance, access to your physician, help with day-to-day errands, unique lifestyle requirements and even home management options, Protecti offers a wide range of options to their customers.

Protecti understands that one important element for customers are their families and/or members of family who are companions during their travel for treatment and the way they are treated. The Protecti team extends its service to all friends and/or family that are traveling for all services they made need for travel to comfort their loved ones.

Protecti’s technology and on-demand services platform gives it a cutting-edge advantage in a marketplace filled with multiple suppliers. The commitment to delivering true value to its clients is a hallmark of the service that’s allowed Protecti to ensure that all its customers are always happy and contend.

Case Management

The Protecti team helps you identify your goals, needs and resources involved in complicated or routine medical procedures and treatments. Doctors, nurses and professional staff manage all aspect of healthcare from scheduling appointments, coordinating admissions and transferring of medical records to setting up post treatment care on return home.


Medical transport and emergency air lift or just plain simple travel is arranged with trained personnel and carriers to insure safe and appropriate transfer in situations that require immediate care.

Cost Management

Protecti provides financial oversight of complex procedures and treatments and works with both clinic and patient to identify the most affordable care, reduce unnecessary treatments and medications and ensure that medical costs are transparent, accurate, detailed and reliable.

Protecti also specializes in cost containment & claims adjudication services for larger groups of patients by providing a Medical Network which lets members access a network, cashless, of the best specialists and facilities.

Destination Management

Protecti, with its experienced staff, extensive local knowledge and resources, specializes in all aspect of treatment planning and logistics. This includes identifying the city/ country/ region for treatment, transportation, lodging at each medical destination.

Protecti is Family oriented and understands the importance of involving family in the entire treatment process and providing comfort and security at their time of need.

Healthcare Management

Protecti has developed and provides a proprietary state of the art CRM system (Protecti™) that navigates patients to find the right treatment abroad with a great follow up and care. Protecti™ provides its partners exclusive solutions to manage global treatment of patients.
The Protecti Global Patient Management System (GPMS) seamlessly engages with existing systems and offers a unique value proposition by allowing each medical provider to feature his or her own service offerings to patients.

Continuum of Care

The Protecti team provides continued access to patient doctors post treatment and also help assist with nursing care at home.

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