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Getting you the right treatment, at the right place, at the right cost.

At Protecti we aspire to serve every person in every walk of life to get the treatment they want by managing medical travel to world class hospitals and healthcare specialists across the globe. This, with a simple philosophy to enable them to get the right treatment, at the right place, at the right time and most importantly at the right cost.

The driving force is our mission to be the preferred population health management company for customers around the globe by offering an integrated and seamless global healthcare experience at an affordable price.

Protecti understands and respects family & values and recognizes the importance of involving family in the entire treatment process and providing comfort and security at their time of need. This is the core philosophy while providing coordinated services and care for:

  • National Governments for their citizens
  • Insurance Providers for their employees and customers
  • Multinational Corporations for their employees &
  • Individuals

Strategic Alliances

Protecti has developed a dependable and reliable network across the globe to serve customers along all aspects of their treatment journey. We have formed strategic alliances and partnerships with entities which further market reach and align with the overall quality of service being delivered to our customers.

Our current alliances range from hospitals, home nursing services, pharmaceutical companies, insurance & travel companies, airlines, hotels & tour operators to ensure appropriate support for patients and their families.

Transparent Costs

Medical costs can vary greatly – even for the same procedure – depending on the destination and healthcare provider involved. So too, can quality and outcomes.

Protecti ensures that patients are provided with all information and costs – fair and accurate – so that the services you get are in relationship to the charges you receive.

Team Protecti

Every single individual at Protecti is committed to customer service, and that just tops our core value as an organization.

We live in a time where the lines between work and life are increasingly blurred. Every member of the team is involved in contributing to enhancing their sphere of work hence making work more fun, thus solidifying their commitment to enhancing customer experience.

One of the key aspects we strive for, in all the members of our team is Empathy. A trait that helps grow our team and organization.

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